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I'm Daniel, a south Florida native interested in pretty much all things creative. Growing up, I would spend countless hours building things with Legos or looking for unique obstacles to shred when I was skateboarding with friends. I have always enjoyed pushing my creative boundaries and asking what if?

As I became older, I eventually gained access to a computer and discovered the good ol' interwebs. I soon became obsessed with learning how to create websites and digital graphics. That fierce curiosity led me to enroll in a new web design class offered at my high school that year. Taking that class opened my eyes to the world of web design, graphics and the passion I had for creating. After high school, I decided to focus on graphic design for my studies while still learning about the web on the side.

These days I specialize in designing and developing responsive web sites. I also enjoy designing logos and working on print related design projects as well. I take a lot of pride in my work and always strive to push myself forward with each project. I'm organized, flexible, creative and able to come up with unique solutions to problems. I enjoy staying up to date on the latest design trends and web technologies. I also like to experiment with new tools and workflows to increase my productivity while also allowing me to work smarter.

When I'm not designing or developing websites I enjoy building custom computers, tinkering with new gadgets, meeting new people, PC gaming, reading history, playing with my two cats, hanging out with friends, travelling, listening to pod-casts, skateboarding, playing softball, kayaking and too many other things to list.

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